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About The GameEdit

Online RPG Avabel doesn't have much in the way of story. Upon creating a character you are thrust into the world of Avabel. Your character is given instructions on how to play the game, but the main plot is not expanded upon. In the older version before the update the only goal I could find was to be able to survive on the last floor. However, Asobimo released an update providing quests presumably to give the player something to go on or to give the game a backbone.

The Quests are basically kill requests, item gathering, or boss fighting. There is a category under the named missions which in general is just fighting the floor bosses in a competition for fastest killing time and earning gold.

All your stats values are controlled by 5 attributes:

  1. STR: Modifies overall ATK
  2. VIT: Modifies DEF and HP
  3. DEX: Modifies Minimum ATK and HIT
  4. INT: Modifies MATK and MP
  5. MEN: Modifies MDEF and MP

Currently there are 7 Classes:

  1. Warrior: Focused around raw damage,unlike rogue,which relies on heavy dps.VIT is necessary for this class., Focused on STR and VIT
  2. Rogue: High mobility technical melee assassin, Focused on STR and DEX
  3. Ranger: Long Ranged DPS., Focused on STR and DEX
  4. Creator: Balanced Support and Fighter, Focused on STR, VIT, and INT
  5. Magician: Ranged Magical Artillery, Focused on INT and MEN
  6. Acolyte: Supportive Healer, Focused on INT and MEN
  7. Wonderer:

The game has all the elements of a good MMORPG all while being portable on the Android and iOS platforms

  1. Classes
  2. Party features
  3. Guilds
  4. PvP via guilds
  5. Great Community

Not to mention the graphics. They are some of the best I've seen on android. Just beautiful 3d models even on the lowest graphic setting. However, on the lowest graphic setting all players not in your party are basically blue outlines.

All and all it's a great game that I highly recommend.

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